a choice of love!

“Water streams generous on you, like a river, you are set on the most beautiful place along the most ancient way of carob, almond, olive trees that the avidity of men has saved for you.
Like a naughty little girl every day you are honoured with our care, our strenght.
Noble you are as a choise of love.
Noble you are because in the night you give us leaves of of stars that will twinkle in our hearts forever.
Magnificent land, sweet and wild, generous with smells, tastes, exuberant vegetation, hard to tame.
Alone and isolated, thanks to generous efforts and the generous hands that work on you, you are able to give us an unique and exceptional wine of rare purity in its taste, colour, form and not by chance.
Unique and superb wine, because superb is the position with reference to the sea, the thermal range, the quality of the rocky soil, the location of the vineyards so we arranged that they seem to have always been there.

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